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Socio – Eco Development of Minority Women, Leh-Ladakh

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June 10, 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Bal bharti


Leh Conferener Hall
New Delhi, Delhi 110003
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Objective of the Conference

Empowerment of women that will have lasting impacts must involve consciousness raising before the social construction of gender, which subordinates women in the family, class, caste, religion, or society, can be changed. The socio-economic empowerment approach has relied on improving women’s control over economic resources and strengthening women’s economic security. The results also suggest that policies to rise women’s age at marriage enhance their educations and open greater employment opportunities will also help to empower them, at least in some respects. Our goal is to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls in the region of Leh and Ladakh.


What we aim to achieve?

Be it individual, community or a nation, it lives in three phases. One which is passed, the other which it is passing through and the third which is yet to come. There is an inviolate relationship in all the three phases. The present depends on the past in the sense that it helps us learn a lesson from the mistakes committed in the past to make it better and the future depends on the bright or dark present. For the betterment of the present and the future, it is essential to keep in view the past. At the same time, it is essential that the individual or the nation not get lost in the splendor of its past. It should learn a lesson from its past. It should consider the good qualities due to which our past was brilliant and by ignoring it, our present has become worst and as a consequence of that our future could become still worst.

The tragedy of the minority women community in the region of Leh and Ladakh is that it lives in the past. Without analyzing the causes, it has become the devotee of the past. It is shrinking day by day in its shell. It is sitting idle waiting for a better and brighter future. This attitude would make its future worse not better.

For this attitude of ours, is responsible to a larger extent, our political and religious leadership and also our media which although mentions our past being glorious but complains of the worst condition of our present and it does not analyse it by which we may know which qualities did our past splendor and what are the causes of our present being worst. People follow the footsteps of leadership and media. As a result of which our other compatriots moved forward in the race for survival and they are reaching their destinations but we still hear the sound of bells of the caravan.