Skill Training

One who wants to come out of poverty and has nothing to start with or lives hand to mouth, needs some skills start his earning. Saving is the first step to economic strength.
Labor work does not allow one to earn enough for saving. Some skills like tailoring, broom making, etc. help them to earn more in less time and save.

Bal Bharti India has started various skill programs like:

  • Broom Making
  • Tailoring

Broom, a small sweeping tool, is a natural product, easy to manufacture, needs no machinery and takes very negligible investment. This project came to Bal Bharti India in July 2009.Blessings of our divine God, this opportunity took us a far ahead in economic developer sector. Training for broom making is designed and provided professionally to other NGOs and to the villager’s where Bal Bharti is in action.

Initially we trained 108 ladies for free from villages where Bal Bharti India is working. Our work received appreciation from Pradhans of various villages in UP West and UP East.


Ladies started tailoring classes in their homes and offer training to villagers. Machines are provided by Bal Bharti Academy along with instructor’s salary, other running expenses and raw material cost.

The syllabus is in line with the Government Programs & is divided in two programs. A three month primary course, teaches primary sewing, cutting and repairing skills. Second course of  six months includes designing and sewing of complex patterns.Embroidery and other skills are taught in separate courses.

Cottage Industry & Employment

Hand holding programs are must if one intends economic development of poor. By taking mere motivation and skill programs, one may not be able to start his earnings. A special support is required to start the rotation of money.

Initial fund for raw material, production line setup, work distribution, quality checks and marketing and sale of products are taken care of.
We have started cottage industries for the skills we teach i.e

  • Broom
  • Tailoring

Efforts are made to bring various tailoring jobs for the trainees of our training center. Jobs of Simple cloth bags (as part of Stop Plastic Movement) or cloth pouches are given initially.The articles are sold to various traders across.

Programme Skill Training Programs
Aims & Objectives To improve the skill development, growing Indian workforce, unemployment issue, support underprivileged section.
 Project Goal To create awareness among the people from minority, who belongs to rural areas of India.
Target Group Men and Women who are below annual family income of Rs.1.5Lacs. & in the age group of 18-45 years
Problems to be Addressed Skill development to backward regions



These are some benefits through Skill Training were:

  • Focus on underprivileged sections of society and backward regions of the country thereby enabling a move out of poverty; similarly, focus significantly on the unorganized or informal sector workforce.
  • We facilitate the development and upgrading the skills of the growing Indian workforce through skill training programs
  • We support skill development efforts, especially in the unorganized sector in India
  • Providing skill building programmes focusing on improving the employability issue.

A growing economy like India requires a large and skilled workforce there is huge demand-supply skill gap. 90% of the jobs in India are “skill based”; entailing the requirement of vocational training. It is estimated that only 5% of the youth in India are vocationally trained. As per industry analysis, nearly 75 to 80 million jobs will be created in India over the next five years. It is estimated that almost 75 to 90% of all additional employment will require some vocational training.


Expenditure Breakup for Skill Training Programs

S.No. Expenditure Description Total Amount
1 Tailoring  
2 Broom Making  
3 Desktop Publishing  
3 Painting  
4 Plumber  
5 Mechanic  
6 Domestic Hostess / Steward  
7 Repairing work  
8 General Electrician  
9 Carpentry  
 Skill Development & Industrial Training 30000 -35000
Cost for One Month Training Per Candidate 30000
Cost for Three Month Training for 20 Candidate will be 20×30000=600000
Cost for Three Month Training Per Candidate 35000
Cost for Six  Month Training for 20 Candidate will be 20×35000=700000