Vocational Training Program

“We do not have lack of employment. We need employable people. Each one should think to become entrepreneur and create jobs for many more…and we can solve the unemployment.”

It is the urgent need for Indian Youth. Bal Bharti takes the first step in this direction.

In entrepreneurship development program, we invite youth to get trained for sales, marketing, accounts, finance, in informal way. These youth will become a first generation businessman.

These youth will become a first generation businessman that is a challenge. Entrepreneurship Trainings give motivation and guidance to candidates to chart their business.

Programme Vocation Training

Aims & Objectives


To improve Low education, raises labor productivity of rural area.


Project Goal


To create awareness and increase traits among the people from villages, who belongs to rural areas of India.

Target Group Men and Women who are below annual family income of Rs.1Lacs. & in the age group of 18-40 years

Problems to be Addressed


Employment opportunities for rural society.


These are some benefits through Vocational Training

  • Group of techniques which benefit the rural society mostly. We provide vocational training for better employment opportunities for rural society.


  • Diploma – level courses who are trained at Polytechnics as technicians and supervisors.


  • Certificate level courses in which craft people trained by professional teachers .It raises labor productivity, it raises a workforce which measures up to international quality standards.
  • Bal Bharti Academy provides different types of Vocational training programs like Summer Training, Winter Training and 6 weeks training in various rural areas.
  • We provide Craft vocations training which usually based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic, related to a specific trade, occupation, or vocation. It sometimes referred to as technical education as the trainee directly develops expertise in a particular.

Vocational training increases employment probability in about 6 percentage points, labor earnings between 18% and 45% and formal employment probability between 3.1 and 7.3 percentage points. This evidence is similar other analyses from developing countries, which suggest that vocational training programs are usually more effective than in developed ones. Low education levels in existing work force 67% of the existing work force is either illiterate or literate up to primary level of education High School Dropout Rate Over 200 million students enroll in Class I each year, but only 20 million of these are able to finish Class XII 90% of the students drop out at different stages before Class XII 63% of the students drop out before reaching Class X They do not have necessary education and skills to be employed in the industry.




Expenditure Description


Total Amount

1 Craftsmanship
2 Hospitality
3 Cooking
4 Beautician
5 Spoken English
6 Computer – DTP / Java
7 Handicrafts
8 Papercraft
9 Batikwork

Vocational Skill Training


6000 – 15000


Cost for One Month Training Per Candidate




Cost for One Month Training for 20 Candidate will be


20×6000= 120000


Cost for Three Month Training Per Candidate




Cost for Three Month Training for 20 Candidate will be


20×15000= 300000