This is a special empowerment program for school going children. Many children need extra tuition. Bal Bharti Academy contact schools to get the list of such students meet their parents and ask them to encourage their children to come to our special classes.
Week students Support

Students are not basically week.They may be somewhat slow learners.A slow learner is difficult to identify because he/she is no different in appearance and can function normally in most situations.  Sometimes parents find it difficult to understand their child who can be a slow learner.  What they need to realize is that, although the child has these qualities he/she does not necessarily have the ability to do school work.Bal bharti support week students.

There can be many reasons for a student to be week.

Low Self-Confidence or Interest

School or College factors

Bal bharti help week students by using different strategies

Counseling Parents

counseling of parents is very important to know the actual reason behind the situation.Reason can be the conflicts in family,health issue of a student or pressure on the student by the parents to get excel in studies which keep the sudent in tension,depression etc. Bal bharti organizes the parent counseling to take their wards in right direction.


Diagnosing and Tracking Student Performance and Attendance

Properly devised tests by Bal Bharti provide information about areas or specific topics in which a particular student is weak, and therefore what additional coaching he/she requires. Diagnosing the students also gave information about which topics need to be emphasized by the subject teacher for the student group more widely. It is helpful to carry out such tests particularly before ‘tough’ subjects begin. The performance of weak students is reviewed by the teacher, and efforts made to strengthen teaching, and/or provide extra teaching as needed. Reviewing student attendance in connection with performance, and advising students about attending classes, making up classes missed, and getting additional help is also useful. A ‘report card’ system can be used for each student.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are taken for weak students in Bal Bharti . In this the teacher devotes extra and quality time to academically weak students at their own initiative. The teacher strictly monitors day to day working of the student .For better interaction between the Teacher-Student, such periods has been arranged. These periods allows the children to spend more time with their class teachers to discuss and come up with their problems. The teacher also gets time to preach and inculcate moral values among the students.

Bal Bharti helps weak students by using different teaching aids .Some of them are as listed below:

  • Repetition of things: Repition can helps make concept more concrete and clear.
  • In giving instructions teacher say the child by name and interact with them affectionaly, writes the directions on the board or paper for each child to keep, and ask that the student repeat the direction orally.
  • Start by asking question what they know and build their knowledge confidence by teaching some familiar material
  • Teaches the material/topics by adding variety of academic, include educational games, puzzles, and other techniques as much as possible without them realizing they are being taught.
  • Our teachers guide the students to contribute on the board, and it makes him/her feel good.
  • Tries to relate the topic to the real life situation.
  • Move around the class and speak to them for a while( Ask what he did in the school?, Ask about the TV shows s/he watches? Communicate with learners )
  • Brings lot of love and care
  • Teacher’s positive attitude is very important .Create humors in the class make learning fun and comfortable.
  • Gives extra time to ask question for weak students.
  • Patient but consistent as a teacher
  • Special attentions to week students
  • Shorter tests
  • Oral testing
  • Redoing tests
  • Multiple choice questions, true or false, fill in the blanks to develop their self confidence